Who am I?

Minyoung (Jessie) Kim
Birthdate: June 28, 1988
School History: 
  - attended Grade 6 in Inglis Elementary School in Halifax (NS)
  - Grade 7-8 in Gorsebrook Jr. High School in Halifax (NS)
  - graduated from Iroquois High School (ON)
  - presently enrolled in B. Ed. Kindergarten and Elementary Program at McGill University (QC)

I was born in Korea on June 28, 1988. I moved to Canada when I was 11 years-old  to learn English as a second language. I lived in Halifax (Nova Scotia) for the first 3 and half years of my life in Canada. I moved to Ontario in grade 9 and attended Iroquois Ridge High School. I graduated Iroquois with successful achievements and entered into B. Ed program in McGill University.

Interests & Hobbies

I am an artistic person who likes to draw, sculpt, paint, and make things with my hands. I loved doing art and I orignally wanted to apply for Art schools for Fine Arts program. I prefer abstract art pieces than realistic pieces and my favourite artist is Rene Magritte. He was one of the Surrealist artists. I enjoy drawing using contés and dry pastels. I would love to continue exploring the world of Art and drawing in my spare time.    

During my leisure time, I usually play the piano. Whenever I listen to a music for 2-3 times, I can memorize the notes and play it on the piano. I also make weekly plans to organize my schedule and write diaries every day. 

More about my favourites...

My Major Assignments

1. Web Quest (10%)
2. Website (15%)
3. Final Presentaiton (Movie Maker or Scratch) (15%)