Teaching Philosophy

      Teaching and learning is a way of communicating with others and making connections to the society. As the children learn and gain knowledge, they learn to communicate with the world outside of a safe boundary, the school. One of the ultimate goals of schooling is to prepare students to a sufficient level to enter the path to the real world. The other goal of teaching is developing unique potentials of the children by providing opportunities. One child may excel in Math but achieve unsatisfactory mark in English. Another child may not get good grades in all subjects taught at school but have a specialty in cooking. It is important to recognize every child’s unique potential to help provide effective learning that will be most beneficial to them.

      It is an important task of a teacher to prepare enthusiastic lessons that will motivate students to learn. I would like to provide topics that will interest all of the students. According to Buber, a philosopher, it is important to have a good relationship with students. I believe that trust between students and a teacher is the most important part at school. I respect and care for all my students and I would like them to respect me in a similar level. I view every student as respectful individuals that every voice of them is exceptionally valuable. My goal is to support students to appreciate and embrace the difference of every individual student. 

     I believe that the role of the teacher is providing supports for every student to develop their own unique potentials. Buber, one of the educational philosophers, also introduced the idea of teachers discovering the unique potentials of each of their students. The teachers are present to help develop these by providing their students opportunities to interact with the environment. Confucius, another philosopher, emphasized the importance of teachers being role models of their students. Especially with the younger grades, the children tend to re-act what the adults or the teachers do because that is one way for them to learn. I must become a motivational role model and an influencer who will guide the children to the path of success. 

     The environment and ambiance in the classroom is one of the important parts of teaching. It is important for students to feel comfortable in class and that they can expect to learn the best from what they observe. I would strongly emphasize the importance of equality in the classroom that no one has the right to discriminate or judge someone else. As for the use of spaces in the classroom, I will put visual learning materials such as number charts, health issues, alphabets and so on to stimulate students visually. I will also put students’ Art works on the walls to encourage the students to maintain good effort. 

     While in elementary and secondary schools, I learned better when multiple teaching methods were incorporated in the lessons. I am a visual learner, and there are also people who learn better when they listen or involve movements. Everyone has different learning style and I would like to teach in various ways to meet those criteria. Field trips and guest speakers are another ways to input new learning. Use of technology is another way to teach in the class. The children can research their topics on the internet, play math and language games on the computer, and learn from watching DVD or videos. These various teaching methods can support students to learn the best of them.

     I believe that the school is a safe boundary where students can still plan about the future and feel protected from social issues. I personally want the school to be a place where students can build their competencies and prepare themselves to face the society. The society then is the next step for them to expose their specialty and by doing that, they will accomplish the dreams they dreamt while at school.

    Overall, my teaching style is based on respect and trust between students and me, between students themselves, and towards the society. I would like to create a reliable and enjoyable class where any students can begin their journey toward the personal goal with excitement.